Brad Tidwell for Delegate Featured in Sun-Gazette

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Brad Tidwell, Republican Delegate Candidate for the 53rd District, was recently interviewed by the Sun Gazette, a local newspaper covering the Falls Church and Fairfax areas.


We recently got the chance to sit down with Brian Trompeter, the staff writer for the Sun Gazette, and talk about the issues driving our campaign for Delegate. The full interview gives some good insight into why Brad is running for delegate, his core issues of Taxes, Transportation and Transparency, and his focus for the future of Falls Church and Fairfax. There’s also some good background information about Brad’s history of public service to the community. An excerpt from the story:

Tidwell, 26, is one of three candidates seeking to succeed longtime Del. James Scott (D), who is not seeking re-election. Democrat Marcus Simon and Libertarian Anthony Tellez also will be on the ballot in the Nov. 5 election.
Tidwell said he will focus on “Three T’s”: transparency, transportation and taxes.
“I think people see the government as a black box where you put in money and basically roads and schools pop out,” he said.
Virginia has good disclosure laws already, but Tidwell said he would like to make budget documents readily accessible to the public via the Web.
Tidwell desires to simplify the tax code and lower tax rates overall in order to stimulate the economy. He also would like to see Virginia’s transportation needs analyzed carefully to ensure resources are expended where the needs are greatest.
“Even with all the construction going on now, after it’s all completed, we’ll be in a worse traffic situation than we are now,” he said.

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