Brad Tidwell Biography

Brad Tidwell 53rd Delegate Virginia Candidate and Republican NomineeBrad Tidwell is a small business owner, political activist and community volunteer based out of Falls Church, Virginia. He brings a passion for communication and online interaction into the political world.

The oldest of four siblings, service comes naturally to Brad. After graduating high school in the small town of Needville, Texas, Brad went to college at Tulane University in 2006. There, he was actively involved in the rebuilding of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He led efforts to help rebuild both in a volunteer capacity and as a part of several organizations.

Brad Tidwell’s Professional Background

Brad Tidwell brought his passion for politics and service to the Washington Semester program at American University. There, he authored a paper on the 2008 election, titled “Successful Online Campaigning: A Focus on the 2008 Presidential Campaign”. This paper was awarded the 2008 Pollie Award for Best Use of Social Networking by the American Association of Political Consultants.

After graduation, Brad was hired to work at the Leadership Institute. There he served as a Campus Services Coordinator, managing field representatives. He directed resources to political organizations across college campuses in the mid-Atlantic region and led classes on online campaigning.

Brad’s work helped inspire the start of RaiseDigital, an online fundraising group. He developed and deployed online fundraising and outreach solutions for political candidates and non-profits. Clients ranged from U.S. Presidential candidates to non-profit organizations. One of these included the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty, a charity started in the aftermath of the 2010 hurricane.

Currently, Brad Tidwell is the co-founder of Infrared Productions, an online communications and web design firm based in Falls Church. His clients include political candidates and local party organizations. Previous work has been featured in the Washington Post and on CBS Television.